How did we create a regional website for the Russian leader of the MLM industry?

What kind of this brand?
Good products + expanded catalog + high quality = we have a good start!

Our main goal when creating the Faberlic regional website was to expand and increase the customer base, providing information about products in a more accessible form for potential users.

To do this, we tried to create a unique and at the same time user-friendly design, made it intuitive and understandable for both beginners and professionals.


Moreover, Faberlic is not only an MLM company, but also a company that is a manufacturer of a large line of both clothing and cosmetics. That's why we have created a website that will display a large amount of information divided into sections, without any interference and easy-to-use navigation.

SEO optimization

We all know that even the best products will not survive on the Internet without SEO.

It is for this reason that we have paid so much attention to ensuring that the Faberlic website gets into the top results of search engines. We also provided fast loading of the site.


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