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How to create

a functional and effective

To create effective software (for Windows or a Web portal), it is necessary to carefully study the subject area, conduct a survey of the automation object.

The development process is based on the terms of reference, which prescribes absolutely all the functions and appearance of the future system, describes the calculation algorithms.

The order of all the work of all the participants in the development is described in the most detailed plan for performing the work, indicating all the subtasks and the time of each one.

On the basis of the survey, the technical task and the plan, the execution of work on the project is a matter of technology and a professional who knows their business!

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be intuitive and simple.
The simplicity should contain
a well-thought-out calculation mechanism.

Despite the huge competition in many industries, it is still very common that users use unreliable, inconvenient software. Often, you have to use combinations of different programs to work, which is very inconvenient. We are ready to offer you a universal tool that will allow a lot of unnecessary and inconvenient programs to solve your daily tasks.

We are sure that our team can provide these services much better! The software we have created is well thought out and easy to use. Our consistent approach to design eliminates multiple alterations at different stages of the project.

Trust experienced specialists who can effectively use the greatest advantages of modern development methods and tools.


why cooperation with us will bring real profit to your company:

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constructed in accordance with
ergonomics standards

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Ergonomics standards according to the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R ISO 9241 and the international standard of ergonomics ISO/TC 159.

The convenient and ergonomic interface developed by the PROGRAMIR is the key to effective work. Windows and pages open quickly without delays, the elements are arranged logically relative to each other, users and customers will not have questions and difficulties when using the program.

The user-friendly interface allows you to focus on doing business and increase profits

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Support and warranty
of the developed

After the implementation of the project, we give a guarantee for the work performed: our product is our face, it is important for us that you use a convenient and properly working product.

After the end of the warranty period, we usually offer post-warranty service, which includes monitoring the operation of all systems, updating programs and updating functionality.

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the organization's expenses

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With this automation of processes, you reduce the cost of routine work and direct resources to perform more important, profitable actions.

Modern means of informing will speed up decision-making, i.e. information about sales or other events will be available instantly.

Technologies's of Programir will help to differentiate and distribute the functions of the staff.

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Data storage
and transmission

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To store information, we use industrial-scale databases, which ensures reliable storage and, if necessary, data encryption.

To restrict access to data within the organization, a special model of access rights differentiation has been developed, i.e. access rights can be divided by division, role, time and place.

The specialists of the PROGRAM use the world standards of Information security as a result, you lose the risk of additional costs for the organization of security.

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of project implementation
without overpayments.

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When planning a project, it is very important at the initial stage to determine the implementation technology based on the requirements of the task, since this will allow you to not experience difficulties in scaling your business, increasing the amount of data and, as a result, not overpaying in the future.

Choosing a programming environment and a database is very easy to overpay for unnecessary functions and scales. We strive to choose technologies specifically for your project, not according to a template.

Thus, the selected equipment will be sufficient in terms of speed and capacity for several years ahead.

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of the system

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Many systems sometimes fail due to interference in the network or electricity. Very often this leads to downtime and loss of important information.

To prevent such situations, different approaches are used, such as backup, resource sharing, virtualization, uninterruptible power supplies.

In addition to these active measures, passive protection measures are applied when the software is released, i.e. when your system is programmed in such a way that even in the event of a failure, data is saved. All security measures are used by our specialists and have repeatedly helped to prevent failures in our customers ' systems.


Why should you choose a PROGRAMIR?

We will create
an individual project

from from beginning to end.. we use professional and modern solutions.

Our team

always cares about the usability of the software.

Our skills
and experience

they guarantee the success of your project.

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